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Site Launching Soon!

Hi lovely ladies ( and gents too!) I have been getting asked quite a bit when the actual website launch will be. In short, I have no clue. ha! Today is April 8 and I am still working on my taxes so when that is finally done I am going to finish adding all my items to the store. It is a long slow process that I am trying to hammer out. I am also trying to finish the flow of the site and trying to make it easy to find gift ideas and new unique items. So please let me know below if you have a hard time finding items... In the meantime I decided what items I have...

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What is The Mix & How Did it All Get Started?

What is The Mix & How Did it All Get Started? That's a great question and a pretty simple one and be be explained in two short simple words... Small Business As an owner of a small business I have always wanted to support the movers and shakers behind other small business. Whether it be a purchase, a social media share, or just giving others advice. There are so many boss babes (and gentleman) that want to make a difference while supporting their families that I wanted to expand on all that and collaborate with those very shops. Help them along the way of helping myself. I am a mom of two boys, Blake 2, and Clayton 1, and a...

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